About Plantaz

The company

Plantaz was founded in 2003 by Bas van Dijk (director) after a spin-off from an existing tree nursery. Bas is a third-generation tree breeder. In recent years, Plantaz has set up an innovative business with sales to more than 25 countries in Europe and western Asia. With our broad and innovative assortment and very compact loading options, Plantaz might be a very interesting partner for you.


Plantaz largely produces and trades in bigger plants, in containers and open ground. Our product range is as broad as our sizing. Production primarily focuses on evergreen and deciduous shrubs and, to a lesser extent, on conifers. The pot sizes these plants are grown in vary from 4 to 230 litres. The vast majority of our production is grown in 20 litre pots. When planting, these specimen varieties create special accents.
The assortment and cultivation method have been developed by the owners of Plantaz since 1998, as have sales of these plants. The combination of choice, quality and price make our product special.


The demand for specimen plants in containers is growing steadily, because in terms of size these plants have precisely that extra dimension that distinguishes them from the normal products on offer. Production in pots allows us to deliver all year round.