Stock list

The range bred by Plantaz consists of a few thousand different varieties. Production is divided into:

See below for a selection of our range or download our entire assortment:

Evergreen and deciduous shrubs
Our production focuses primarily on evergreen and deciduous shrubs and conifer-type plants. The total assortment comprises a few thousand different varieties varying from the usual to less common plants. The latter are mostly new varieties that supplement and improve our present range.

The assortment we breed thrives well in the European climate, consisting of marine, land and Mediterranean climate. The Dutch climate is in fact ideal for breeding plants for both the milder climates and for the colder climates of northern and eastern Europe.
All products grown in containers overwinter in a greenhouse of three hectares in size. Hardy varieties are placed at locations specially set up to protect them against the wind.

Open ground (field) production
The open ground assortment ranges from larger specimen plants that have been replanted 2 to 3 times. Besides specimen plants, Plantaz offers a large range of bare-rooted bushes and roses.

Our sales territory consists of all of Europe and various countries situated in western Asia.

Our products can be loaded very efficiently to lower transport costs. They are in fact loaded separately and with the protection necessary to prevent damage to the material. In comparison, loading on pallets or CC trolleys takes much more space.